Monday, September 29, 2014

September 2014: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, NM.  Good to be back for a visit after ten or so years since my last time here. 

At the Santa Fe Plaza, downtown. 

The De Vargas Street House, one of the oldest buildings in the USA:

New Mexico State Capitol Building, and the Chambers of the NM House of Representatives.  The top three floors are also art galleries.


The Jean Cocteau Cinema, which was purchased and re-opened in 2013 by fulltime Santa Fe resident and author George R R Martin of Game of Thrones fame:

I had never seen the Santa Fe Railyard area before but I really liked it.   Unlike a lot of other rejuvenated railyard areas, there are real running passenger trains here, in addition to restaurants, a brewery, and a farmers market:

 I stumbled across a friendly vintage UK automobile show in the Railyard.  First, a 1953 Austin Healey Model 100:

 1958 MG MGA:

1961 Range Rover P4:

And finally, in the hills above Santa Fe around 8000 ft in elevation, the ski lodge at Hyde Memorial State Park, which can be rented out during the summer:

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