Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 2014: Sarasota, FL

Last trip of the year, this one to Sarasota in southwest Florida, which happened to coincide nicely with polar-vortex'ed Colorado of which I escaped just in time.

I'm a ten-minute beach person but Lido Beach was still nice.

Florida Sea Grape, which does well with sandy soil and salty air:

A Roseate Spoonbill:

Ed Smith Stadium, spring training home of the Baltimore Orioles, hosting some type of adult baseball league tournament:

Nice lot of croton plants.  Sometimes you see these as an inside plant in Colorado houses:

The original house of the famous tightroping Wallenda's.  7th generation Nik Wallenda just recently did a untethered, blindfolded walk between two Chicago skyscrapers on a windy night!

Some kayakers on Sarasota Bay, near the Katherine Harris mansion.  If that name doesn't ring a bell, she was the Florida Secretary of State during the controversial vote recount for the 2000 USA presidential election.

An orange tree in a neighborhood yard, probably six weeks away from harvest time.

Myakka River State Park, to the east of Sarasota, is a nice getaway to see the real Florida:

The park has a neat 74 foot tower that you can climb, which provides a view from above the treetops:

 The lizards are big here:

 Sunset from Sarasota Bay:

And from Lido Beach:

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