Friday, July 3, 2015

April 2015: London and Manchester, UK

Another trip to the UK, first landing at Heathrow and then taking the train to Manchester.  I figured the London underground (subway) would be empty when I landed on a Sunday at 6 AM but it happened to be the morning of the London Marathon, and runners were everywhere.

I had some time at London's Euston Station before my train to Manchester, so I wandered around the neighboring University College of London (UCL) area and Gordon Square Park on a misty morning:

 A Laburnum tree, all parts poisonous

A few hours later after a three-hour train ride, I was in city center Manchester.  Expecting the usual dreary early-spring Manchester weather, I was pleasantly surprised with blue skies and what seemed like the whole city outside enjoying the sunshine on a Sunday afternoon.

Musicians and performers everywhere:

One of many Manchester canals, remnants of its industrial age.

Five days later, on the eve of my departure, the skies are still blue:

The April 25 Nepal earthquake had just occurred a few days ago:

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