Sunday, August 3, 2014

I've been fortunate in the past few years to be able to travel more, sometimes for work.  So far, I've been randomly interleaving reports and photos from far away places in my normal Longmont, Colorado around-town commentary but I think this confuses readers that land there so I'm going to separate things.

I know that there are much more modern ways to log travel reports than this  plain-old-blog format from the mid-2000's, with many of the new sites offering built-in maps, reviews, GPS-tagging, and cross-referencing to others that have logged travel in the same area.  These are too structured for me.  And there is the facebook monster but  I find things get lost in there among the noise as time goes on, and it's a lot more difficult for FB outsiders to find your material.  Then there are the photo dump sites like flickr or photobucket but I miss reading a narrative when I'm looking at other folks' pictures in these, and I've noticed a tendency for authors to just to shovel in a load of images for a given event, condemning readers to sifting through all those thumbnails or slide shows.  So I'll stick with this platform and post my pictures here, with the primary  goal being a purely selfish one of being able to conveniently peek at them, perhaps on cold winter days or when I'm daydreaming.  But I'm always interested in feedback from others too, so comments are welcome.  

Bon Voyage.

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