Sunday, August 3, 2014

May 2014: Manchester, UK and Dublin, Ireland

Work trip to Manchester, UK and then to Dublin.  It's the second year I've been to Manchester, and construction seems to be booming as the city continues its transition from its heavy industrial past.

Mix of old and new in the Deansgate area:

City Hall:

Obligatory double-decker bus picture:

An former estate in the Manchester suburb of Didsbury, now converted to an office building:

The pubs here have some unique names (and colors):

One of the canals running through town:

European Beech trees (Fagus Sylvatigus) in a Didsbury botanical park:

I was glad to be invited to a recital where old-time English folk music was played, accompanied by Morris Dancers.  It was six years ago that I found Morris Dancers in downtown Longmont.

On to Dublin for a few days.  

The pink flags along the River Liffey were there for the Giro d'Italia (Tour of Italy) cycling race which started in Ireland this year and was set to come through Dublin a week after I left:

Everything is green in Ireland, even in early Spring.  A visit to Merrion Park shows the famous statue of Oscar Wilde:

It was election time and every street corner was plastered with "vote for me" signs, and some of the buildings too:

I definitely didn't spend enough time in Dublin and Ireland, and need to return someday!

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