Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 2014: Bay Area, California

Out to the San Jose area in July for work.  I left at a convenient time, just as a heat wave hit the Colorado Front Range for a few days.  

I had half a Sunday to explore so I took the train from Santa Clara to San Francisco, soon after getting off the plane.

Santa Clara train station:

The Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco:

Stumbled upon Chinatown:

The distinctive Flatiron Building on Market Street:

Walking around the outside grounds of the baseball stadium (AT&T Park), I saw what looked like was bicycle accident, with some dented cars and a few police officers around:

And then saw some people on the ground, some with bloody faces.  Thought it may have been a protest or sit-in gone bad but one of the officers told me that they were filming a movie, and that I should keep moving.   I looked it up later in the day and it turns out it will be an earthquake disaster movie called San Andreas, starring wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. 

Nice day in the City, with mostly blue skies, but time to go back to the Valley.  My double-decker train at SF Caltrain Station:

In Santa Clara, beautiful California weather the whole week while I was there.  I'm usually here earlier in the year, in the rainy season:

The completed new Santa Clara NFL football stadium for the 49ers.  I've been watching this structure rise for a few years now.

Vegan hot dogs are not something you expect to be sold at a NFL stadium.  Let's see if it takes off at other places.

And just to track another stadium being built in the area, this is where the San Jose Earthquakes (Pro Soccer) will start playing next year, right next to the San Jose Airport.

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